Filling in the blanks of industry solutions


Mind the gap

When a gap is identified in the solutions currently out on the market
– because they don’t meet the requirements needed to deliver what we believe is deserved
– we create our own products as a way of complementing other suppliers’ technology.

  • CELFOCUS Omnichannel

    CELFOCUS Omnichannel is a telco oriented solution, developed to ensure a consistent customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint. It covers sales and customer care scenarios for Assisted Channels (shops, call centres, partners, and field engineers) and Non-Assisted channels (eShop and self-care), supported by a common and smart platform, for a seamless cross-channel experience.

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  • CELFOCUS Order Management

    CELFOCUS Order Management is the master orchestrator that maps, sequences and fulfills any enterprise’s application request. It has the ability to map business oriented complex processes, break them into specific technical processes that are thereafter ready for automation and system synchronization. This orchestration allows any operator to quickly access information on any given step of the fulfillment order that was previously initiated.

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